Information about PillCam small bowel endoscopy:

PillCam small bowel endoscopy has superior diagnostic efficacy for detecting diseases of the small bowel, including:

  • Crohn’s disease
  • Celiac disease
  • Benign and cancerous tumors
  • GI injuries induced by extended NSAID use
  • Obscure bleeding

The procedure involves:

  • An ingestible, disposable capsule equipped with miniature video camera to visualize the small intestine
  • Capsule moves smoothly all the way through GI tract over eight hours of time
  • Transmits 50,000 images for review
  • Wire leads with sensors attached to abdomen - data recorder worn on belt

This procedure is comfortable and painless and includes other benefits:

  • No sedation or recovery time, no side effects
  • Convenience – pursue usual daily activities while wearing sensor equipment
  • Capsule passes easily out of body